About us

About Allied Pumps

For over 30 years we here at Allied Pumps have been specialising in and innovating purpose-built and complete water package pumping, storage and treatment solutions locally, nationally and internationally. When it comes to hydraulic services equipment, we're the preferred provider for pumping, storage and treatment nationally.

It's our vision to improve quality of life for our community, while safeguarding the sustainability of our most precious resource, water. It's our mission to safe guard the future by contributing to the protection of the environment. That's why we promote water conservation and increased availability, while encouraging safe and sensitive applications.

Our Vision

Industry leaders in specialised pumping, treatment and storage systems; co-creating ‘right for life’ packaged solutions with our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply world-class products and services across a wide range of sectors in Australia and internationally.

Working collaboratively with our clients to co-create the best possible solutions on schedule, whilst providing excellence in; safety, reliability, customer service and value engineering.

This approach ensures we continue to deliver the high standards which we have been renowned for over the past 30 years - Allied Pumps; the hallmark of quality.

Our Values

We are led by 6 core values that guide us in our decision-making, delivery of solutions and improving quality of life for our customers and community. We are:

ACCOUNTABLE for our actions. We are prompt and deliver on our promises.

LOYALTY to one another and the company. We are a family-owned company aiming to contribute positively to the lives of our people, our clients, the conservation of water and to our community with the highest degree of integrity.

LEARNING to increase knowledge. We understand that to remain as an industry leader in packaged solutions that meet our clients’ needs now and into the future, we need to learn, understand and implement our findings on a continual basis.

INNOVATING for success. We aim to be recognised as the industry leaders in package pumping and treatment solutions for the commercial, industrial, and mining sectors. That's why we take a proactive approach to product development and provide superior package water solutions, integrating proven pumping, treatment and storage products.

EXCEPTIONAL at what we do. We are proud of the people who make up our team and the products we create. We hire people with not only the right skills and abilities but the way they go above and beyond in quality and service. It’s just one of the reasons that sets us apart.

DEDICATION to our clients. We have made it our mission to ensure that we work collaboratively with our clients to co-create the best possible solutions on schedule, whilst providing excellence in safety, reliability, customer service and value engineering.