Allied Pumps and SPEL recently hosted the Stormwater Industry innovation and fuel industry event.
Our Fire Pump Enclosures are custom designed to protect your pumpset and provide excellent service accessibility.
At Allied Pumps, we operate a high capacity, state-of-the-art Test Facility.
An Allied Pumps' 20 metre line of fertile wetland was recently installed in the Peel estuary. The islands are a natural filtration and biological treatment system that assists in the reduction of waves while improving water quality and providing a haven for both terrestrial and marine wildlife.
The design engineer of Vincent Street, Leederville was presented with substantial difficulties in achieving sufficient detention for stormwater generated by a new development. The completed design employed a single line of SPEL HDPE Stormchambers with a high-level entry from the syphonic roof drainage system and a high-level exit to an Allied Pumps Packaged Stormwater Pump Station.
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