Can Allied Pumps help beautify the Optus Stadium – YES we can

Apr 16 2018
Can Allied Pumps help beautify the Optus Stadium – YES we can

Project: Floating Garden Bed

Location : Optus Stadium, Burswood, Western Australia


The site of the new Optus Stadium is located on the Burswood Peninsula on the Swan River, and is part of what will be known as the Optus Stadium Sports Precinct Parks & Greenspace. The suitability of the site was determined by a range of factors including proximity to public transport, and ability to provide visitors with a generous open space around the stadium. In building the new stadium it was recognised that the large open space would need landscaping and beautification to turn the site into a world class sporting and entertainment venue.  

The challenge?

Located on the Burswood Peninsula, the Optus Stadium is part of a large redevelopment that has become a draw card to thousands of people. However, as with all new developments there was a significant change to the existing landscape. Deep Green Landscaping was contracted to develop the 45 hectares of both hard and soft landscaping within the Optus Stadium Sports Precinct Parks & Greenspace. In addition to the landscaping requirements and because part of the Optus Stadium is bounded by the Swan River and river traffic, some of the retaining walls and steel piles on the water’s edge which could be seen from the water and needed to be addressed – and could not be achieved using a land based planting scheme or additional construction.  

How did they approach you?

Aware of the need to beautify the entire landscape, including the river bank bounding the Optus Stadium Precinct Park and Greenspaces, Deep Green Landscaping conducted a significant research project to determine the options available. Their research highlighted a number of options, however after reviewing a number of similar installations they approached Allied Pumps as providing the best option for the completion of their project. 

How did we deal with it?

Allied Pumps has created an environmentally sound and sustainable floating treatment wetland that can be configured in rafts of endless configurations. They can fit any existing space or water body shape and can operate in fluctuating water levels which was an essential requirement for this project.

While the floating treatment wetlands are primarily a water treatment tool, they have the added bonus of being visually appealing with the use of wetland sedges, rushes and grasses providing fast and easy to install beautification options.  

What was the solution?

Allied Pumps supplied and installed the following Spel Floating Treatment Wetlands

QUANTITY: 12 half width modules 48m long (55m3)

DIMENSIONS: 4m x 1.15m each module

Components to be supplied in kit form to enable Installation.

Items included are as follows; 5 Aluminium anchor connection rods, Stainless steel fixings and all components required to assemble the floating wetland. Delivery to site.

Installation supervision.

In addition to the beautification of the site, The SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands also improves water quality and greatly enhances the stormwater cleaning process by assisting in the reduction of:

  •          Nutrients
  •          Heavy Metals
  •          Fine colloidal and particulates

As an added bonus, the floating wetland can also act as a haven for both terrestrial and marine wildlife.  

How did we implement the solutions?

Once the configuration was agreed upon by all parties, the SPEL Floating Treatment Wetlands were dispatched to site for installation. Good weather was on the teams’ side allowing the fast, safe installation of the components before planting took place.  

What was the result?

The project was completed on time and budget. With time to settle into the area, the Floating Treatment Wetland is thriving and achieving the desired result by assisting to conceal the sheet pile retaining wall and provide a breakwater to reduce erosion on the bank of the water body.

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