Allied Pumps creates water treatment system for new dairy production facility

Apr 11 2019
Allied Pumps creates water treatment system for new dairy production facility

Project : New Dairy Facility

Location : South West, Western Australia


A family owned dairy farm was looking to build a new production facility to enable them to process and bottle their own milk. This would be a major expansion for the business as the raw milk had always been processed off site, and they had to rely on the outsourced company to guarantee the quality of the finished product. With the price of external production increasing dramatically, and the desire to create a superior range of products they decided to look into creating a new production facility. However, due to the remoteness of the property and the complexity of the facility, it was not going to be a cheap solution and a partnership with a West Australian Business Owner with business interests in the cattle industry was sought.

What was the challenge?

The site had no access to scheme water. While significant rainfall was captured for use, this was seasonal and could not be guaranteed.

The only option was to use bore water which, while readily available was heavily laden with iron bacteria. The bore water also had low ph. consequently the bore water would need a range of treatments to bring it up to food grade standard potable water suitable for food processing.

How did they approach you?

The Hydraulic Engineer had worked with the appointed builder before and knew that Allied Pumps would be able to engineer a suitable solution. Working with the hydraulic engineer, builder and the farmer a treatment process system was proposed.

How did we deal with it?

The low ph. and iron bacteria laden bore water needed to undergo a series of treatments to bring the water up to the standard required by the dairy industry. To achieve this, a 7-step treatment process was designed and engineered.

1)      Ph. adjustment

2)      Aeration

3)      Flocculant dosing to settle out the iron bacteria

4)      Carbon filtration for taste and odour removal

5)      Water softening to remove calcium magnesium

6)      Ultrafiltration; and

7)      UV Treatment

What was the solution?

The design team devised and built a custom skid mounted treatment system. This 12-metre-long treatment system provided the client with a single location for all pipe connections. It was pre-wired with a central distribution board before delivering to site, while the tanks and clarifiers were assembled on site.

How did we implement the solution?

Because of the design, the water treatment system could be installed by a plumber with assistance from Allied Pumps Technicians.

What was the result?

The treatment system was commissioned and put into production in a very short space of time.

Our client has advised us that the water quality of the system has enabled a longer shelf life for their milk and associated products which was a significant achievement considering the poor quality of the original bore water.

With extensive experience in water treatment and storage Allied Pumps, our team can engineer the perfect solution. Get in touch today.