Mystery Tank Leak Solved with Allied Pumps Water Tank Liner

Mar 07 2019
Mystery Tank Leak Solved with Allied Pumps Water Tank Liner

Your tank has sprung a leak – again, and you are now faced with wasting the water you were trying to save in order to fix it.

Why do water tanks leak?

There are any number of reasons why water tanks leak, including:

  • It’s an old tank which is showing its age
  • The harsh Australian climate is taking its toll on the fabric of the tank causing rust to come through
  • It’s a concrete tank and ground movement has occurred

Replacing a water storage tank is not a cheap exercise, but how many times do you repair the damaged tank before the economics outweigh the repair or replace the tank equation? Thankfully there is a third option to consider.

Why patch when you can permanently stop leaks – without replacing the tank!

It sounds too good to be true. Fix the leaking tank problem without the expense of removing the old tank and putting in a new one! How is that possible?

Well to be fair, not EVERY tank can be fixed, but that’s usually because the tank shell is no longer structurally sound and cannot hold its intended capacity. But those instances are rare.

What is true, is that you can fix a leaky water tank by having an existing steel tank liner replaced, or your leaky / cracked concrete tank repaired using the Allied Pumps INSITU Tank Liner.

What are the benefits of installing a water tank Liner?

  • A tank liner can be made to suit any size or style of tank - for domestic, industrial, rural or commercial use.
  • A tank liner will protect against leakage, erosion and contamination from the tanks outer shell. Made from a variety of heavy-duty, specialist fabrics which will not wick or seep, the Allied Pumps INSITU Tank Line is renowned for its sheer strength and flexibility.
  • They are suitable for open and closed top tanks of all construction types, including concrete, galvanised steel, corrugated iron, fibreglass and polyethylene.
  • Tank liners are one of the most critical components of a water tank. They, more than anything else, ensure your water remains fresh, taste-free and completely safe from any contaminants.
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective, Allied Pumps’ liners are proudly manufactured in Australia and can increase tank service life to over 50 years.
  • Our packages are certified to Australian Fire Tank Standards AS 2304-2011 for fire tanks and AS 3500 for potable water tanks.

With extensive experience in liquid storage solutions, and solving mystery tank leaks, you can rest assured we can save you money with our INSITU Tank Liner System. For more information or to request a sample, please contact a team member today.