Allied Pumps creates its tallest rectangular steel panel liner tank to date for new shopping centre

Feb 12 2019
Allied Pumps creates its tallest rectangular steel panel liner tank to date for new shopping centre

Project : Fire Water Tank for new shopping centre

Location : Alkimos, Western Australia


Population growth in Perth’s Northern Suburbs has sparked a building boom, and not just for houses. To cater for the rapid influx of people looking to make the northern coastal area home, a new shopping centre was proposed.

This shopping centre is strategically located on a major arterial road, close to Alkimos. The centre is in close proximity to a number of schools and is surrounded by a growing residential area. 

The shopping centre is anchored by a 3,500sqm major supermarket, 12 specialty stores and a food and beverage precinct connected to the centre via an open piazza.

What was the challenge?

When the shopping centre was proposed, the building codes and regulations required the installation of a Fire Pumpset and associated water tank. However, with the shopping centre build well underway, the size and space allocated for the Fire Tank and Fire Pumpset and associated enclosure was severely constrained meaning that to adhere to all rules and regulations we needed to develop a workable solution to meet the client’s requirements.

How did they approach you?

Our client is an experienced builder with extensive experience in the retail space. Having worked with the client on numerous projects, Allied Pumps was approached to supply a Fire Water Tank and Fire Pumpset that could satisfy the current safety requirements and building codes.

How did we deal with it?

Working with the client to co-create the best solution, the project team recognised that to deliver the correct amount of water at the rate and speed required meant the tank would have to stand 6m high, with a length of 7m and a depth of 5m to store the 90kL of water required.

What was the result?

Allied Pumps successfully delivered the first rectangular steel panel liner tank in this configuration