Why Choose M Pumps Magnetic Drive Pumps for Industrial Operations 

Oct 03 2018
Why Choose M Pumps Magnetic Drive Pumps for Industrial Operations 

Industrial pumps come in many forms, but few can match the Magnetic Drive pump for efficiency and reliability in some of the harshest working conditions.

How Magnetic Drive Pumps Work

A magnetic drive pump uses a balanced magnetic field to create the rotation of the fluid impeller. Unlike a traditional centrifugal pump which has a direct drive connection between impeller and motor, a mag-drive pump eliminates the direct drive mechanism and replaces it with a magnetic field.

Benefits of Magnetic Drive Pumps

  •          Zero Leakage (100% leak free)
  •          No mechanical seals or packed glands guaranteeing operational safety for operators and environment, essential in case of critical, hazardous, corrosive or expensive chemicals pumping.
  •          Ability to handle high gas content fluids in which most mechanical seals would fail due to poor lubrication and cooling
  •          No external flushing systems
  •          Ensures a clean and safe operating environment
  •          Longer Service Life between maintenance
  •          M Pumps also offer a full range of pumps complying with API 610 & API 685, ANSI e ISO standards.
  •          Flows to 4000 m3/hr
  •          Head to 2000m

What can I use a Magnetic Drive Pumps for?

Magnetic Drive Pumps can be used across a range of applications where absolute cleanliness and zero leakage is required. They are carefully tested to meet the harshest working conditions including:

  •          Chemical
  •          Textile
  •          Food
  •          Ecologic
  •          Tanning
  •          Ceramics
  •          Electronic
  •          Galvanic
  •          Oil production
  •          Petrochemical and
  •          Paints industries

Where can I get a Magnetic Drive Pump?

Allied Pumps has extensive knowledge in supplying and servicing magnetic drive pumps such as M Pumps and Gemmecotti which Allied Pumps is the importer and distributor. If you’re interested in what kind of Magnetic Drive pump solutions we might have available for your specific needs, then please get in touch.