Diesel Refueling Packages 

Diesel Refueling Packages

Allied Pumps’ Diesel Refuelling Packages provide turnkey project solutions tailored to your specific operation. Allied Pumps’ Diesel Fuel Packages cover design, fabrication and commissioning of fuel loading and unloading arms, fuel pumping, metering and filtration skids.

Whether you are incorporating and maximising your existing infrastructure, or a new build, we can guide and advise you through the process to make sure your chosen fuel facility gives you savings in efficiency and reliability. Our packages are thoroughly wet tested and as site ready as possible before being shipped to site.

The Allied Pumps Diesel loading arms incorporate unique ABM (advanced balance mechanism) and reduced weight, making them one of the most manoeuvrable loading arms available.

All Allied Pumps packages and systems are manufactured to world standards and in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System. Allied Pumps Diesel refuelling solutions ensure quality and reliability.