Wilden Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps  

Wilden Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps


Wilden air operated diaphragms pumps (also known as pneumatic diaphragm pumps, AODD pumps, AOD pumps) are used for endless applications in mining, industrial and general plant service.

The Wilden Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are especially used where electricity isn’t available, or in explosive or flammable areas. They are also used for chemical transfer, dewatering underground coal mines, food manufacturing or where the liquid being pumped has a high solids content or high viscosity.

The Wilden pumps family of Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps has proven its rugged durability and reliable performance in countless installations across the world for decades. As the inventor of the Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump in 1955, Wilden pumps remain a trustworthy industry leader by pioneering new innovations while providing unparalleled excellence in customer satisfaction.

Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden pump distributor for Western Australia and supply:

  • Wilden Pro-Flo Series Pumps
  • Wilden Pro-Flo Shift Pumps
  • Wilden Pumps Original Series Pumps
  • Wilden Advanced Fit Pumps
  • Wilden Stallion Series Pumps
  • Wilden Brahma Series Pumps

Allied Pumps also stocks an extensive range of Spare Parts for the Wilden Pump Range.


  • Wilden Pro-Flo Series

    The Wilden Pro-Flo® Series combines elegant simplicity with robust and reliable performance that end users have come to depend on for more than 20 years. With its wide range of sizes and material offerings, end users count on the Pro-Flo Series to deliver the consistent performance promised for challenging applications.

    Ideally suited for industrial applications calling for a durable chemical pump or oil pump, the Pro-Flo Series utilizes a simplified air distribution system (ADS) technology with only three moving parts, enabling it to be simple to operate and efficient with an easy-to-repair design. Featuring a plastic center block and lube-free operation, the Pro-Flo Series provides you with the flexibility and reliability you need for your application.

    Features and Benefits

    • Proven design for more than 20 years
    • Ultra reliable
    • Has only three moving parts, meaning less downtime and simplified maintenance
    • Features plug-and-play operation
    • Mechanically actuated, no electronic parts, submersible, no additional configuration or complicated curves


    • Chemical
    • Paint & Coatings
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Liquid Terminals
    • Process
  • Wilden Pumps Pro-Flo Shift

    The Wilden Pro-Flo® SHIFT is the new standard for Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps. The innovative, yet simple, Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) features an “air control spool” that automatically optimises air consumption and eliminates the overfilling that can lead to overcharging of the air chamber, all while causing no corresponding reduction in flow rate.

    The Pro-Flo® SHIFT’s revolutionary ADS design meters the air flow, allowing for just enough air to keep the pumping process operational. The results are a reduction in air consumption and operational costs while maximum operational efficiency and volumetric consistency are maintained.

    Now is the perfect time to shift your thinking in Air Operated Diaphragm Pump performance with the “game-changing” Wilden Pro-Flo® SHIFT.

    Features and benefits of the Pro-Flo SHIFT include:

    • Up to 60% in air savings all while retaining existing flow rates
    • Reduced total cost of ownership
    • Designed off the same basic design principles as the tried and true Pro-Flo Series:
    • Unbalanced spool preventing stalling
    • Simple pilot spool to trigger which air chamber is filled
    • Minimum moving parts (less wear)
    • Tight tolerances to eliminate lost air
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Ability to be used in harsh operating environments
    • No electricity required

    Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden pump distributor for Western Australia.

  • Wilden Pumps Original Series

    The Wilden pumps Original Series Air Operated Diaphragm pump range was designed for rugged utilitarian type of applications that require a robust design. These pumps ensure reliability without sacrificing ease of maintenance.

    This metal and plastic pump range lends itself to various processes and waste applications. Wilden pumps have the largest material and elastomer offering in the industry to meet your abrasion, temperature and chemical compatibility challenges. Original series pumps are offered in aluminium, stainless steel, ductile iron, polypropylene, PTFE and PFA. A variety of elastomers, connection options and specialised air distribution systems are also available for your specific needs.

    Pro Flo Series

    Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden pump distributor for Western Australia.

  • Wilden Pumps Advanced FIT

    As the global leader in Air Operated Diaphragm bolted pumps, Wilden pumps has introduced the Advanced™ FIT line of Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps that feature superior flow rates and easier installation compared to other brands.

    Advanced FIT Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps offered by Wilden pumps precisely “FIT” bolt-to-bolt and pipe-to-pipe and are specifically designed for maximum performance, efficiency, and containment. The range can be fitted to existing fluid-handling piping systems to provide increased performance with no repiping necessary. They have been engineered to be an easy, cost-effective way to enhance and upgrade existing pump performance.

    Exact FIT from bolt-down footprint to inlet and discharge connection heights with re-engineered fluid path increases flow rates up to 54% versus current Wilden models. With fewer fasteners and easy accessibility with power tools for faster assembly/disassembly and shorter downtime, the latest in Advanced™ FIT technology results in a combination that delivers a complete, cutting-edge Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps-pump solution that is unmatched in the industry.

    Advanced FIT pumps are available in 2” (51mm) and 3” (76mm) sizes with aluminum housings and in 1.5” (38mm), 2” (51mm) and 3” (76mm) sizes with stainless-steel housings. In addition, Advanced FIT pumps are also available with a wide variety of elastomer options for even the most severe applications. A variety of Bolted configuration, connection options and specialised air distribution systems are also available for your specific application needs.

    Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden pump distributor for Western Australia.

  • Wilden® Stallion Series

    Wilden® Stallion® Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps are ideally suited for rugged mining applications thanks to their unique ability to handle solid-laden mining slurries with ease. Furthering the Stallion Series pump’s ability to handle the toughest mining applications is a robust design featuring a large internal clearance and flow-through path for large-solids passage that prevents the pump from clogging. The Stallion Series is also designed with a polyurethane screen base at its inlet to provide additional durability.

    Stallion Series technology incorporates an altered ball/seat check-valve assembly to allow for solids passage. Its polyurethane screen base at the inlet gives added durability.

    Available in three sizes and constructed of either aluminium or ductile iron materials, Wilden’s Stallion technology incorporates many revolutionary design concepts and offers the following features:

    • Clamped design with handles for lightweight portability
    • Large internal clearances due to modified ball, seats, diaphragms and shafts to handle solid-laden slurries
    • Polyurethane screen base to act as an initial filter to keep larger solids from damaging the pump
    • Powered by Pro-Flo® SHIFT air distribution system (ADS)
    • Flow rates and air consumption are managed with the turn of a dial
    • Fluids of high solid content are transferred effectively and efficiently 
    • Submersible and intrinsically safe 
    • Superior anti-freezing properties, and
    • Can handle pressures to 125 psi.


    • Dewatering
    • Waste Transfer
    • Skimmer Systems
    • Solid-Laden Fluid Transfer

    Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden pump distributor for Western Australia.

  • Wilden® Brahma Series

    Wilden® Brahma Series for large solids handling.

    The Wilden® Brahma™ Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps transfer solid-laden slurries safely and effectively. The Wilden Brahma Series utilizes a unique top inlet, bottom discharge orientation and flap valves to allow passage of large-size solids and avoid damage from product entrapment and settling of solids in intermittent-duty applications.

    Large internal clearance and flow-through design result in large-solids passage capacity and prevent the pump from clogging. It features bolted construction for superior containment and the ability to pass compressible solids up to 76 mm (3″), depending on pump size.


    • Flap valve design for large-solids passage
    • Top inlet, bottom discharge for easy transfer of sediment and solid-laden fluids
    • Powered by Pro-Flo® SHIFT or Turbo-Flo™ air distribution systems (ADS)


    • Waste Transfer
    • General/Bulk Transfer
    • Site Dewatering
    • Drilling Mud Transfer
    • Sump
    • Sludge Transfer

    Allied Pumps supplied a 3" Wilden Brahma Pump to a Protein Recovery Plant removing a production bottleneck. The Wilden Brahma Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is the perfect solution to handle solids in the fluid stream. 

    Allied Pumps is the sole authorised Wilden Distributor in Western Australia

  • Wilden Pumps: Spare Parts

    Wilden Pumps: Spare Parts

    Wilden pumps are long-lasting and can be used in a wide range of industries to handle different materials such as chemicals, crude oil, mining, food, beverage, paints and many more. Because Wilden Pumps are renowned for their robustness, length of service life and ease of maintenance it can be difficult to imagine they would need any kind of servicing, let alone require replacement parts. However, because we do ask a lot of our Wilden pumps they do require regular maintenance checks, and, in some cases, parts replaced to ensure they operate at maximum efficiency. Regular, scheduled maintenance also ensures costly breakdowns can be avoided which saves downtime and money.

    As the sole authorised Wilden Pumps dealer in Western Australia, Allied Pumps can supply the complete range of genuine Wilden pumps and Wilden spare parts. Our Technical Services Division are also experts in servicing Wilden Pumps.

    Allied Pumps have a large stock holding of Wilden spares, including spare parts kits, and will always provide the right solution for you.

    The Wilden Pumps Spare Parts we stock include:

    •          Air & Wetted Section Service Kits
    •          Air Valves
    •          Clamp Bands
    •          Diaphragms
    •          End Caps
    •          End Cap O-Rings
    •          Expanded PTFE Kits
    •          Gaskets
    •          Mufflers
    •          O-Rings
    •          Oil Bottles
    •          Pistons
    •          Retaining Rings
    •          Screens
    •          Shafts
    •          Valve Balls
    •          Valve Seats

    For more information on our range of Wilden Pumps and Wilden Spare Parts please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.