Clear Water Treatment & Reuse Systems 

Clear Water Treatment & Reuse Systems

Allied Pumps advanced treatment and reuse systems utilise state-of-the-art components and come pre-assembled into a synchronized package, capable of on-going, reliable water supply solutions.

Capable of treating and re-using water from a variety of sources, Allied Pumps’ treatment packages are engineered to provide cost effective solutions for reliable water supply.

Treatment systems, incorporating pumps and associated control systems, are utilized in the following applications: 

  • Potable water supply 
  • Sanitisation 
  • Food processing 
  • Remote area facilities 
  • Communal kitchens and laundries 
  • Public facilities 
  • Wineries, creameries and tourist resorts

Treatment principles include: 

  • Mechanical Separation 
  • Water Conditioning 
  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Chemical Filtration 
  • Ultraviolet Treatment 
  • Sanitisation Dosing Systems

Allied Pumps offers a range of Clear Water Treatment and Water Reuse Systems including

  • Cleartec Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Cleartec Sediment Bag Filters
  • Cleartec Ultraviolet (UV) Systems
  • Cleartec Water Treatment Systems
  • Rainwater Reuse Systems

Containerised solutions including cyclone rated options are available.


  • Cleartec Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Engineered to withstand the harshest of applications, the Cleartec Reverse Osmosis Systems offer a turnkey approach to filtration.

    We offer the full range of skid mounted or containerised modules that can be manufactured to suit your site specifications and come complete for easy transportation and installation.

    Allied Pumps R.O. Systems incorporate heavy duty components and state-of-the-art control equipment to ensure long term reliable supply and minimum maintenance in demanding processes.

  • Cleartec Sediment Bag Filters

    Cleartec Heavy Duty Bag Filters are available in a wide range of configurations and flows.Filters are ideal for precise sediment filtration and require no backwash connection. Maintenance is simple and limited to replacement or cleaning of membrane bag.

    Filtration from 0.5 micron to 200 micron, the unique triple action filter system is a long term reliable solution.

  • Cleartec Ultraviolet Systems

    Cleartec Ultraviolet Treatment Systems combine state of art treatment chambers incorporating high efficiency lamp with advanced monitor control system offering unparalleled reliability and long term effective disinfection of water.

  • Cleartec Water Treatment Systems

    Cleartec Package Water Treatment Systems incorporate heavy duty advance flow filtration systems with a range of control system options to give high reliability in a variety of application environments.

    Systems can be packages with pre-filtration and interconnecting pipework to provide a co-ordinated package or single units.

  • Logikos M7 Control System

    Combining many years of experience in the package pump system field and control industry, the LOGIKOS M7 incorporates a unique combination of features ensuring total reliability, pump protection and control management.

    The LOGIKOS M7 is ideally suited for dual pump installations in a wide range of applications including water pressurisation and potable water transfer. LOGIKOS M7 can be mounted on an internal door and built into a standard powder coated steel waterproof enclosure, or custom made aluminium or stainless enclosures or full municipal pump control centres.

    Configurable for a wide range of level input signals including pressure switch and pressure transducer, the LOGIKOS M7’s versatility covers a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications.

  • Rainwater Reuse Systems

    Allied Pumps’ range of Rainwater Reuse Systems are the ultimate in filtration and pressurisation reliability and feature simplified installation, providing clients with a package solution supporting environmentally friendly practices.

    These high quality systems consist of pumping, filtration and control equipment delivering rainwater that can be used for toilet flushing, irrigation and for other potable and non-potable applications.

    These systems can also be offered mounted in a secure and weatherproof heavy duty enclosure.

  • Securopac Enclosure System

    Allied Pumps pre-packaged Securopac Enclosures offer a complete pump housing solution, facilitating a fast and effective installation and saving on valuable space.

    Manufactured of heavy duty galvanised steel and to Australian standards, the Securopac Enclosure is weatherproof and lockable for safety and security. Allied Pumps' Securopac Enclosures are aesthetically enhanced with powder coated finish and where applicable, lined for sound sensitive applications.