Liquid Storage Solutions 

Liquid Storage Solutions

Allied Pumps extensive range of above and below ground liquid storage tanks have been specifically manufactured and tested for fire, urban, agricultural and industrial applications. Allied Pumps storage tanks offer a cost effective, high quality solution and can be engineered to suit your requirements.

Covering a range of sizes from 10kL, Allied Pumps storage tanks are available in various size configurations and Australian standards compliant. A variety of associated components such as anti-vortex suction assemblies, tank fill valves, inlets, outlets, hatches, ladders and fittings are offered as appropriate to complete the package.

All of our water storage tanks are independently Engineer Certified and manufactured to the Australian Standards listed below:

  • AS2304-2011 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems
  • AS1657-2013 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation
  • AS4100 Steel structures
  • AS4600 Cold form steel structure
  • AS1170.4 Earthquake loads
  • AS1170.2 Wind loads
  • AS/NZS4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water
  • AS2239 Galvanic (sacrificial) anodes for cathodic protection
  • AS2419.1 Raw hydrant (tanks)
  • AS1170.1 Live and dead loads
  • AS2118 Raw sprinkler systems

Allied Pumps can supply:

  • Above Ground Water Storage Tanks - Polyethylene
  • Below Ground Water Storage Tanks - Polyethylene
  • Below Ground Storage Tanks - Fibreglass
  • Circular & Rectangular Metal Liner Storage Tanks
  • Insitu Tank Liner System
  • Premier Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks
  • Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks
  • Water storage tanks (potable water, non-potable water, raw water, fire water tanks) including steel water storage tanks

Allied Water Storage Tanks can store other liquids as required. 


  • Above Ground Water Storage Tanks - Polyethylene

    A durable and impact resistant above ground polyethylene or glass reinforced plastic corrugated tank for collecting and storing water. Allied Pumps Polyethylene Storage Tank Systems are available in a complete package configuration, pre-assembled and tested for simple and efficient site installation.


    • One-piece construction
    • Corrugated for strength and traditional appearance
    • Includes locking manhole cover - airtight cover optional
    • Designed to Australian Standard 4766 for water storage tanks
    • Available in 12 colours
    • Contains a high level of U.V. stabiliser to give protection for outdoor use
    • Cyclone rated (with tie down)
    • Access ladder
    • Level sight glass/external indicator
    • High/low level alarm
    • Fill valve - direct acting or pilot operated discharge type
    • Anti-vortex suction assemblies
    • Connections - inlet/outlet/vent/drain/overflow
    • Extra heavy duty thickened wall


    • Fire protection (Fire water tanks)
    • DCW storage
    • Rain water
    • Storm water
    • Waste water retention
    • General liquid storage
  • Automatic Control Valves - Heavy Duty Pilot Operated Valves

    The Allied Pumps' WaterMark™ approved Automatic Control Valves comprise of heavy duty cast construction with direct acting diaphragm configuration eliminating the need for shafts, seals or bearings with the water passage.

    The direct controllable opening and closing speed totally eliminates the hydraulic shock and water hammer associated with direct acting conventional valves.

    Automatic control valves are used in commercial and industrial applications to control water flow or pressure. We offer automatic control valves that are used to ensure uninterrupted water service during emergencies, maintain a constant liquid level in tanks, automatically reduce a higher upstream water pressure to a constant downstream pressure, and for other purposes.

    Key Features:

    • Superb hydraulic performance
    • Reliable control over a range of mediums
    • Cost efficient control and regulation
    • Minimal maintenance - maximum dependability
    • Polyester-coated cast iron or bronze construction
    • Significantly reduced water hammer
    • High-flow - minimal pressure loss

    Optional Configuration:

    • Electrically actuated
    • Air operated
    • Pressure relief
    • Pressure sustaining
    • Flow control
    • Basic valve


    • Pressure Rating - 16 bar (higher on request - up to 25 bar)
    • Diaphragm material - Natural rubber
    • Body/Bonnet - Cast iron (polyester coated), cast bronze
    • Sizes - Threaded BSP: 20, 25,30, 50; Flanged / roll grooved: 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250


    • Fire tank filling
    • Potable water tanks
    • Break tanks
    • Confined areas
    • Potential water hammer situations

  • Below Ground Storage Tanks - Fibreglass

    The Allied Pumps heavy duty fibreglass below ground water storage tanks in horizontal configuration feature superior resistance to corrosion and aggressive soils and are significantly less prone to harbouring bacterial growth than traditional vessels.

    Light weight and robust, the Underground Tanks are filament wound for greater circumferential strength and are available with a wide range of accessories.

    Tanks are delivered to site ‘one piece’ eliminating potential for leaking joints and greatly simplifying on-site installation.


    • Available in a large range of sizes - 2,000 Litres to 600,000 Litres
    • Access riser built to accommodate varying ground level
    • Deadman Anchor for installation in high water table to Australian standards
    • Non-porous, chemical resistant
    • Lightweight - smaller crane, reduced freight
    • Flexible sizes and access positions
    • Dual skin version available
    • Wide range of accessories available

    These storage tanks are available in a range of capacities and dimensions including the following diameters: 1000, 1200, 1500, 1850, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000

  • Below Ground Water Storage Tanks - Polyethylene

    Allied Pumps' Polyethylene Underground Retention Tanks are tough, versatile liquid storage systems that have a standard capacity range from 5,000 litres up to 30,000 litres (larger on request). They can be connected in series to give larger storage capabilities - and therefore the combinations are limitless.

    These innovative and robust storage systems are made from low density polyethylene and are ideal for applications that require excellent chemical resistance, stiffness, toughness and resistance to extreme Australian outdoor conditions.


    • Fully tested polyethylene tank designed to withstand ground and water pressure at depth
    • Complies and exceeds AS 1546.1 for septic tanks
    • Designed to AS 4766 (int.) for water storage tanks
    • Sealed locking tamper-proof lid - withstands 5kN load
    • Standard filter option available for cleaning water reducing frequency of opening tank for general maintenance
    • Stainless steel submersible pump with automatic mains water changeover device (optional)


    • Residential
    • Industrial
    • Council recreation
    • Playing fields
    • Hotels
    • Mine sites
    • Golf courses
    • Nursery irrigation
    • Townhouses
    • Park irrigation
    • Retirement villages
    • Truck stops
    • Sewage treatment
    • Commercial
    • Waste stations
    • Water retention

  • Circular & Rectangular Metal Liner Storage Tanks

    Allied Pumps' Circular and Square / Rectangular Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for fire and other industrial applications.

    Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to Australian Fire Tank Standards, Allied Pumps Liner Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The possibility of square or circular configuration marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

    Robust and manufactured from heavy gauge steel, our tanks can be engineered in a range of capacities from 10 kL and 2 ML and available in a number of configurations. We have the capabilities to engineer solutions for the most unique challenges and reach to install and service the most remote locations. No space is too big or small to make an impact with Allied Pumps’ tanks.

    All Allied Pumps tanks are manufactured to relevant Australian standards and our design and engineer experts adhere to strict quality guidelines, ensuring the long-life expectancy our team standby.

    Our knowledgeable and qualified team will support you throughout the process with design, production, site installation and commissioning.


    • Complete packaged solution
    • Moving or static vent/s in the roof so that the air in the roof void is kept moving
    • Long life - constructed from galvanised or zincalume sheeting
    • Bolt cover strips are used over the bolt head to prevent wearing
    • Heavy duty liner reinforced PVC liner is fixed to the internal tank wall via welded lugs
    • Condensation strip is fixed wall to prevent condensation
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Presstite seal void between the corrugated roof sheet prevents insects and dust
    • Large range - capacities between 10 kL and 2 ML
    • Malthoid strip is placed between the metal tank wall, concrete ring beam or concrete slab to prevent corrosion
    • Versatile - rectangular or circular tanks can be engineered to suit your application
    • All ladders and platforms to AS 1657
    • 600 mm or 750 mm diameter Side Wall Access Hatches


    Designed and constructed to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, our range of Potable Water Tanks are proven in mining, commercial and agricultural applications for rainwater, town water storage, stormwater detention and water treatment.

    Our packages are engineered in-house to your requirements, offering a cost-effective and reliable long-term solution to your water storage needs.

    Our food-grade and BPA free tank liners set us apart and ensure safe, clean drinking water of the highest quality. Made from reinforced PVC, our geofabric liners are reinforced unlike standard liners available in the marketplace.

    Not only do we offer the most advanced tank liner packages in the business, we also offer glass fused to steel tanks. Glass fused to steel offers the combination of the corrosion resistance of glass along with the flexibility and strength of steel, providing a long-term resilient option.


    To operate a fire suppression system in the case of a fire, you need an adequate water supply. Water Storage Tanks for active fire protection are a vital component in the safety of lives and equipment in a residential, commercial and industrial applications

    Our long standing 30-year commitment to the fire industry, ensures full compliance to Australian fire codes AS 2419 or AS 2304.

    At Allied Pumps we take a rigid approach to following the relevant the Australian Standards of design and manufacture with detailed attention to air gaps, overflow sizing, overflow crest height, Australian Standard margin over vortex plate, etc.

    We have extensive experience and knowledge of local fire protection industry requirements and expectations.

  • Fibreglass Circular Panel Tank

    Allied Pumps Fibreglass Circular Panel Tanks are a complete package solution designed for efficient site installation.  The versatile modular plate tank is specifically manufactured and tested for large capacity water and chemical storage.

    A versatile modular plate tank is specifically manufactured and tested to handle large capacity water and chemical storage. Allied Pumps Fibreglass Circular Panel Tanks are a complete package solution that includes all materials required for assembly. The complete package includes:

    • Packaged tank plates
    • Accessories for assembly
    • Small hardware: nuts, bolts, washers and seals
    • Elastic joint between plates
    • Floor anchor support for wind load and spits
    • Sealing mortar, seal with concrete base and mortar sealing paint
    • Pipe connections


    • A complete package range of tanks and accessories
    • Capacity of between 14 and 3,303 m3
    • Engineered for the harshest of conditions
    • Tank construction eliminates potential corrosion and oxidation
    • Easily expandable
    • Easy to transport, install and dismantle
    • Minimum maintenance  


    • Industrial waste water
    • Urban waste water
    • Bulk dry products
    • Agriculture
    • Industrial liquids
    • Bio-energy
    • Food industry


    All Fibreglass Circular Panel Tanks storage tanks are tested for quality:

    • Hydraulic load test
    • Mechanical Tests
    • - Traction
    • - Flexion
    • - Fatigue
    • Raw material validation test

  • Insitu Tank Liner System

    An Australian manufacturer of high quality liquid storage solutions, Allied Pumps offers complete liner packages for cast in situ concrete tanks. Suitable for fire, potable and raw water use, Allied Pumps’ Tank Liner Package is the ideal solution for reliable storage.

    Our liners are made from high-grade PVC material, resulting in a soft, world-class product. Rigorous testing and product standards are regularly performed to ensure you are receiving unparalleled products and support.

    Low maintenance and cost-effective, Allied Pumps’ liners are proudly manufactured in Australia and can increase tank service life to over 50 years.

    Our packages are certified to Australian Fire Tank Standards AS 2304-2011 for fire tanks and AS 3500 for potable water tanks.


    The Insitu tank liner system comes with the following accessories:

    • Inlet box
    • Side wall access hatch
    • Tie rod bracing


    • Heavy duty single piece PVC reinforced impervious tank liner
    • Suction connection with anti-vortex assembly
    • Pilot operated tank fill diaphragm WaterMarkTM certified valves
    • Inlet connector with deflector
    • Geofabric material fixed to the walls and floor to protect the liner from cracked or uneven concrete
    • Tank overflow with horizontal high capacity bell mouth inlet
    • Tank drain connector with gate valve
    • Tank level indicator
    • Tank signage
    • Galvanised external and internal ladders complete with safety cage and lockable security access barrier
    • High and low level flow switches where required
    • Puddle flanges manufactured from galvanised or stainless steel to be cast into the tank wall
    • Brackets and fixings for accessories
  • Premier Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks

    Allied Pumps’ GRP Panel Type Water Storage tanks are manufactured from SMC using the hot pressed metal matched mould method and are engineered to eliminate the need for internal ties and metal supports. The process makes the material immensely strong which will secure a long design life with minimal maintenance.

    Our tanks are ideal to keep clean water clean and are used for potable water, drinking water, rain water and industrial water supply which require pure water are required. Our tanks are similar to Fibreglass tanks just much stronger with smooth inner and outer surface, thus no algae and bacterial growth inside the tanks.


    • Can be engineered with no internal tie rods or metal components
    • Low thermal conductivity
    • A complete package range of tanks and accessories
    • NSF International Approval
    • Unit sizes from 1m³ - 10,000 m³
    • AS 4020:2005 compliance
    • Ease of handling, installation and modification
    • Smooth mirror surface of the panel prevents dirt adhesion and bacterial growth
    • Modular system enabling a tank of any desired size and shape to be constructed
    • Light proof to prevent algae growth. Light transmittance for panels including manhole cover is 0%
    • Formed from hot pressed GRP
    • Tanks are completely sealed, manhole covers and air vents are by design dust and insect proof
    • All units offer the option of integral insulation
    • No metal components in contact with water. Reinforcement ties, bolts and nuts for assembly are external to the tank
    • High volume, long-term storage
    • Exclusive base panel design ensures complete free flow drainage; this eliminates residual contaminated water with cleaning
    • Easy maintenance
    • Exclusive design of convex bottom panels with flexible rubber sealant is most effective against risk of leakage
    • Hot pressed sheet mould compound (SMC) at 150ºC and 100kg pressure per cm produce a uniform panel of solid homogenous construction
    • Modular panel with low thermal coefficient and flexible rubber sealant ensures a leak free design
    • Average serviceable life for panels in normal conditions without special maintenance is 40 years
    • Accessible from all sides including bottom for easy visual inspection
    • Tested for heavy impact, weather, loads settling and earthquakes
    • Repair and maintenance can be done externally without interrupting supply
    • Panel strength and design safety factor of 8 x maximum anticipated pressure load. (Compared to 6 x from conventional panel tanks)
    • Maintenance limited to outside bolt tension adjustment and internal cleaning
    • High panel strength with a glass composition of 40% (compared to 20-30% from conventional panel tanks)
    • Exceptional panel strength in compression, tension, torsion (rigidity)
    • Excellent ultra violet (UV) resistant characteristics and performance
    • Designed and tested to withstand 100 years anticipated natural conditions


    • Municipalities
    • Industrial liquids
    • Hospitals
    • Agriculture
    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Hotels
    • Reservoirs
  • Rectangular GRP Sectional Panel Tanks

    The Allied Sectional Panel Tanks cover a range of sizes from 1,000 litres to 1,000,000 litres in almost any size configuration. A variety of options such as tank divisions, panel insulation, anti-vortex assemblies, raised ball valve hatches, internal/external bolted, ladders and fittings/valves are offered as appropriate to complete the package.


    All materials used in the production and assembly of GRP tanks are rigorously tested for potable water compatibility. This includes long term material performance and mechanical properties, non-metallic components, adhesives, etc. Combined, this analysis forms the basis of the extensive QC procedures.


    Allied Pumps’ Sectional Tank tank panels are hot press moulded in glass reinforced plastics (GRP) using isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins and electrical glassfibre reinforcement. The panels are moulded at temperatures up to 150ºC under strict quality control disciplines. The process results in strong, consistent panels which are fully cured, dimensionally accurate with sharply defined profiles and smooth surfaces on both faces. Drilling and finishing of the panels is undertaken in a purpose built controlled area, where high technology automated drilling equipment is used to complete production to exacting tolerance levels.


    • Designed to BS EN 13280 (2001)
    • Consistent product offering dimensional stability
    • Automated finishing provides a high level of accuracy
    • High grade materials improve resistance to bacterial growth, increased water resistance, and reduced risk of osmotic attack. Colour 00-A-05 to BS 5252
    • UV stabilised materials suitable for global climatic conditions
    • Heavy duty cover resists wind and snow loading
    • Integrated insulation provides U value of 0.6W/m2K, CFC and HCFC free and suitable for water storage up to 38ºC
    • WRAS approved, provides optimum performance under varying climatic conditions
    • Flexibility of panel sizes allows connections to be agreed on-site to suit actual tank location
    • Modular design provides ease of transport and flexibility of assembly on either a prepared flat and level concrete foundation, support walls or bearer beams
    • Panels are rigidly supported by a combination of stainless steel tie rods internally and galvanised box sections externally
    • Installation is carried out by Allied approved installers, fully trained to provide total unified responsibility
    • Designed to BS 6700 to limit structure deformation
    • Tanks compliant to WRAS Section 0135, fittings compliant to Water Regulation 16 (Bylaw 30) for tanks to 4 m depth 
  • Marke Conductive Level Sensing Probe

    Marke Control Conductive Level Sensing Probes are available in 1, 3, 4 & 10 sensors and have been specifically designed to provide continuous measurement of liquids. 

    Typical applications include; tanks (water, oil & underground), food & beverage, O.E.M equipment, industrial water, water & wastewater, storage & recycling tanks, agriculture, chemical and automotive industries. 

    Custom configurations including number of sensors, sensor spacing and cable lengths are available on request.