Enviropac Sound Attenuation Fire Pump System  

Enviropac Sound Attenuation Fire Pump System

In an environment of increasing awareness of the impact of noise pollution, the Allied Pumps’ Enviropac Fire Pumps System is the answer to satisfying the demands of occupants, authorities and neighbours.

The Enviropac Fire Pump System addresses many areas including diesel engine direct attenuation, enhanced muffler packs, super high resilience mounts and metallic flexible manifold connections.

State-of-the-art high efficiency design principles are applied to achieve two alternative levels of sound attenuation.

Class 1 - Internal and external reduction. Designed for areas where there is little or no attenuation properties associated with the pump room, the Class 1 incorporates all the features of Class 2 plus heavy duty engine sound canopy with hinged gas strut access doors and sound restraint louvers.

Class 2 - External only reduction. Designed for pumpsets located within a pump room with sound attenuation properties. Attenuation kit focuses on residential grade muffler, isolating pumpset from floor and pipework connections to reduce noise transfer.

UnattenuatedClass 1Class 2
Engine (typ)104dBA88dBA98dBA
(std Muffler)
                  Typical only - Noise values vary from system to system

These Fire Fighting Pumps are designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2941:2013 and tested to AS 2417