Fire Protection Systems 

Fire Protection Systems

The Allied Pumps range of Package Fire Pumps (Fire Protection Pumpsets, Fire Hydrant Pumps) were developed to cater for growing demand for specialised turnkey systems compliant with Australian standard AS2941:2013 for Fire Pumps.

Fire fighting pumps from Allied Pumps are available in diesel and electric drive configurations, assembled on a common fabricated base with pipework manifolds, valves, all relevant controls and accessories to provide a fully automated system. Systems are engineered and fabricated in strict adherence to all relevant fire codes. 

Building Fire Pumps

With the need to build up rather than out, special consideration needs to be taken to meet adequate fire safety. Buildings that exceed 4 - 500 feet, the higher floors are often beyond the pumping capacity of fire departments. This can result in loss of life or property in the event of a fire.

Consequently, the purpose of a fire pump is to ensure the fire sprinklers work the way they’re supposed to, by increasing the firefighting capacity of a building by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service when mains is not enough, or when tank fed. The higher the building the more pressure is needed to keep the water pressure at an adequate level to extinguish flames.

Where are Fire Pumps Used

Fire water pumps are found in systems where the local municipal water system cannot provide sufficient pressure. Fire Pumps are used in buildings such as apartment blocks, hotels and hospitals. They are also used in systems that require high terminal pressure from the fire sprinkler to provide a large volume of water, such as those required for storage warehouses. They’re also found in facilities where water supply is provided from a ground level water storage tank. This category includes:

  •          Schools
  •          Shopping centres
  •          Aged Care Facilities; and
  •          Lifestyle (retirement) villages


Complete Package:
Systems can be supplied incorporating diesel engine, electric motor, anti-vibration, fuel tank, batteries, pressure relief valves, heat exchange cooling, etc. All interpiped and interwired on a common base.
Full In-House Manufacturing Facilities:
Package fire pumpsets are fully fabricated in-house from base through to pipework and switchboards giving ultimate control on quality, economics and project time frame constraints
Test Facility to AS2417:
Allied Pumps incorporate fully NATA certified test bay facilities with flow capabilities to 700L/sec
System Flexibility: 
Allied Pumps has the capability to engineer a solution to the specific application. From a special to suit an existing plant room to a code compliant system drawing from a below ground tank, Allied Pumps pumpset package will meet the requirements


  • Single diesel duty fire pump
  • Single electric duty fire pump
  • Diesel/Electric duty and standby fire pumps
  • Dual diesel duty and standby fire pumps
  • Dual electric duty and standby fire pumps
  • Complete pipework manifolds or pumpset configuration only
  • Integral hose reel jacking pump


In conjunction with Allied Pumps Package Fire Pumps, Allied Pumps' Circular and Square / Rectangular Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for fire and other industrial applications.

Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to Australian Fire Tank Standards, Allied Pumps Fire Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The possibility of square or circular configuration marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

The Allied Pumps Fire Tanks are compliant with all Australian Standards including AS2419 for tanks and AS2304 for fire tanks.


  • Containerised Fire Protection Pumpset

    Allied Pump's Containerised Fire Protection Pumpset is the ultimate package solution. Incorporating diesel engine and/or electric motor, anti-vibration mounts, fuel tank, batteries, heat exchange diesel engine cooling, lighting, power and ventilation, inter-piped and inter-wired, built into a shipping container enclosure.

    Designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2941:2013, and tested to AS 2417, containerised fire pumpset units are ideally suited to temporary sites as they are simple to mobilise, de-mobilise and transport. They are extremely robust and remove the need to provide separate shelter, reducing site costs. 


    • Resilient mounted pump equipment
    • All pipework (including exhaust) plumbed to external point
    • Louvers and rotating extractors for ventilation of the enclosure
    • Internal lighting and power outlets
    • System flexibility - additional features as required
    • Can be cyclone rated if required
    • Reduced noise
    • Ideal for Mining Applications
    • Turnkey installation
    • Complete system is factory tested


    Diesel and ElectricStandard
    Dual DieselOption
    Dual ElectricOption
    Single DieselOption
    Hose Reel Jacking PumpStandard
    Pressure Maintenance PumpOption
    Sound Attenuation System Class 1Option
    Sound Attenuation System Class 2Option
  • Enviropac Sound Attenuation Fire Pump System

    In an environment of increasing awareness of the impact of noise pollution, the Allied Pumps’ Enviropac Fire Pumps System is the answer to satisfying the demands of occupants, authorities and neighbours.

    The Enviropac Fire Pump System addresses many areas including diesel engine direct attenuation, enhanced muffler packs, super high resilience mounts and metallic flexible manifold connections.

    State-of-the-art high efficiency design principles are applied to achieve two alternative levels of sound attenuation.

    Class 1 - Internal and external reduction. Designed for areas where there is little or no attenuation properties associated with the pump room, the Class 1 incorporates all the features of Class 2 plus heavy duty engine sound canopy with hinged gas strut access doors and sound restraint louvers.

    Class 2 - External only reduction. Designed for pumpsets located within a pump room with sound attenuation properties. Attenuation kit focuses on residential grade muffler, isolating pumpset from floor and pipework connections to reduce noise transfer.

    UnattenuatedClass 1Class 2
    Engine (typ)104dBA88dBA98dBA
    (std Muffler)
                      Typical only - Noise values vary from system to system

    These Fire Fighting Pumps are designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2941:2013 and tested to AS 2417

  • Fire Pump Enclosures

    Allied Pumps’ offer compact, aesthetically pleasing, weather protective and vandal resistant Fire Pump / Fire Hydrant Pumps (Pumpset) Enclosures for professional and acoustic noise attenuated applications.

    The Allied Pumps’ Fire Pump / Fire Hydrant Enclosure features fully galvanised construction and heavy duty powder coated finish, available in a range of colours to suit the surrounding architecture.

    Allied Pumps’  Fire Hydrant / Fire Pump Enclosures can be custom designed and manufactured in compliance with all applicable site restrictions and include large access doors, offering excellent serviceability and ongoing maintenance requirements.

    Systems are delivered pre-assembled which save on site installation, truly encompassing the Allied Pumps complete package approach.


    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Sound attenuating option
    • Removable panels allows for easy accessibility during servicing
    • Pre-assembled saving on installation time
    • Neat compact design
    • Weatherproof, protecting internal components, cyclone rated options are available
    • Customer specific options available on request
  • Fire Water Tanks

    Allied Pumps' Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for fire and other industrial applications Available in both Circular and Rectangular configurations.

    Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to Australian Fire Tank Standards, Allied Pumps Fire Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The possibility of square or circular configuration marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

    Robust and manufactured from heavy gauge steel, our fire water tanks can be engineered in a range of capacities from 10 kL and 2 ML and available in a number of configurations. We have the capabilities to engineer solutions for the most unique challenges and reach to install and service the most remote locations. No space is too big or small to make an impact with Allied Pumps’ tanks.

    All Allied Pumps tanks are manufactured to relevant Australian standards and our design and engineer experts adhere to strict quality guidelines, ensuring the long-life expectancy our team stand by.

    Our knowledgeable and qualified team will support you throughout the process with design, production, site installation and commissioning.


    • Complete package solution
    • Moving or static vent/s in the roof so that the air in the roof void is kept moving
    • Long life - constructed from galvanised or zincalume sheeting
    • Bolt cover strips are used over the bolt head to prevent wearing
    • Heavy duty liner reinforced PVC liner is fixed to the internal tank wall via welded lugs
    • Condensation strip is fixed to the wall to prevent condensation
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Presstite seal void between the corrugated roof sheet prevents insects and dust
    • Large range - capacities between 10 kL and 2 ML
    • Malthoid strip is placed between the metal tank wall, concrete ring beam or concrete slab to prevent corrosion
    • Versatile - rectangular or circular tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements
    • Corrosion is managed by Magnesium Anodes placed around the tank circumference
    • All ladders and platforms adhere to AS 1657
    • 600 mm or 750 mm diameter Side Wall Access Hatches available


    Our long standing 30-year commitment to the fire industry, ensures full compliance to Australian fire codes AS 2419 or AS 2304.

    At Allied Pumps we take a rigid approach to following the relevant the Australian Standards of design and manufacture with detailed attention to air gaps, overflow sizing, overflow crest height, Australian Standard margin over vortex plate, etc.

    We have extensive experience and knowledge of local fire protection industry requirements and expectations. 

  • HDA 65 Hydrant Test Assembly

    Allied Pumps’ Hydrant Test Assembly is a calibrated test unit capable of high accuracy tests on-site to establish exact mains capability. With the onus on the designer to establish the extent of equipment requirement for fire and/or water supply, exacting test equipment is essential.

    The Fire Hydrant Test Assembly - HDA 65 is an ideal test instrument to establish flow versus pressure mains characteristics. Quick and easy assembly on-site with simplified test procedures ensure minimum time and site disruption.

    High accuracy test instruments are pre-calibrated on NATA test facilities and certificates are issued. Allied Pumps’ can also co-ordinate yearly test re-calibrations to guarantee long term accuracy. Pressure reading is obtained via a 0-1600 Kpa large face glycerine filled gauge. Flow readings are digital with instant and totalized flow readings displayed simultaneously.

    Robust stainless steel construction ensure extended service life and maintained test efficiency.

    A stand pipe allows for connection to below-ground street hydrant. Alternatively a flow measurement pipe connects directly to a building hydrant.


    • Adjustable flow test
    • Fully portable - battery operated
    • Lightweight
    • Calibrated test instruments
    • Swivel head discharge
    • Direct connection to street hydrant or BIC hydrant
    • High accuracy
    • Easy to read instrumentation
    • Supplied with initial calibration certificate
    • Heavy duty padded carry bag optional

    Note: It may be necessary to obtain approval from authorities prior to carrying out test on street mains.

  • Mining Series Fire Pumpset

    The Allied Pumps' Mining Series Fire Pumps (Pumpsets) are specifically designed and manufactured to cater for the stringent requirements of mining companies for reliable fire hydrant and sprinkler protection systems.

    Available in diesel and electric drive configurations, assembled on a common fabricated base with pipework manifolds, valves control and accessories – these fire pumpsets are a fully automated complete turnkey package.

    The Fire Pumpset Systems are engineered and fabricated in strict adherence to relevant fire codes, mining specifications and Australian Standards.


    • Complete turnkey package
    • Application specific - Allied Pumps engineers a fire pump solution to the actual site needs and special requirements
    • Rugged heavy duty construction
    • Advanced OH&S features for compliance
    • Up-specification of major components including; diesel engine, base frame, electric motor, control gear, switchgear, pipework, valves and surface protection


    • Compliant with mining company standards
    • QA and testing documentation
    • Full in-house manufacturing facilities
    • Progress inspection and witness testing available
    • Remote on-site commissioning
    • Follow up service and product backup


    • Hose reel pressure systems
    • Automatic tank fill diaphragm valves
    • Remote start panels
    • Remote alarms
    • Sectional Panel Fire Water Storage Tanks
    • Water supply systems
    • Hydrant flow/pressure test units
    • High pressure test units
  • Pyrokos Pump Controller

    The innovative Pyrokos Fire Pump Controller is revolutionising the Fire Industry.

    Built in compliance with AS2941 including latest requirements such as engine over speed shutdown and test, low engine temperature and low oil pressure.

    The PYROKOS Control System offers superior fire pump management and monitoring to conventional systems and has been designed with an exceptionally high reliability and duty cycle.

    The Fire Industry is a demanding industry – on-line 24 hours/day all year around, unattended.

    The Pyrokos is the product of decades of association with the fire pump industry and reliability, ease of operation in both emergency and test conditions, unparalleled event log and maximum interface flexibility.

    Whilst adhering to the strict bounds of AS2941, the Pyrokos Fire Pump Controller goes beyond the requirements in integral self protection and system monitoring.

  • Vertical Column Shaft Pumpset

    Allied Pumps’ Vertical Column Shaft Fire Hydrant Pumpsets (Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps) have been designed for pumping from below-ground water supply for fire protection.

    The employment of Allied Pumps’ Vertical Column Shaft Fire Hydrant Pumpsets enables the use of concealed below-ground tanks – freeing up additional real estate on the block and a generating a better return for the developer.

    The Vertical Fire Hydrant Pumpset configurations are Australian Standard AS 2941 compliant and custom-engineered for highly efficient water pumping below the level of the pumphouse.


    • Saves valuable real estate
    • Eliminates priming and suction problems
    • Reduces risk of pump room floods
    • Heavy duty right angle gearbox construction for the diesel driven fire pump
    • Vertical mount motor for the electric motor driven fire pump
    • Submersible multistage jacking pump on dropper pipe
    • Complies to all relevant Australian Standards

    These fire pumps are designed and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 2941:2013 and tested to AS 2417

  • Levikos M7 Tank Controller

    Engineered to withstand harsh and diverse environments, the LEVIKOS M7 is purpose designed as a dedicated tank level management system. Combining many years of experience in the hydraulic services, water storage and control industry, the LEVIKOS M7 incorporates a unique combination of features insuring total reliability, tank level indication and monitoring systems integration.

    The LEVIKOS M7 is ideally suited for tank level monitoring in a wide range of applications including fire tanks, sewage tanks, effluent tanks, storm water storage tanks and potable water tank level monitoring. LEVIKOS M7 is mounted on an internal door and built into a standard powder coated steel waterproof enclosure, custom made aluminium or stainless enclosures or full municipal control centres. Configurable for a wide range of level input signals including float switches, level probe, ultrasonic and pressure transducer, the LEVIKOS M7’S versatility covers a broad spectrum at commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications.

  • Fire System Jacking Pumpsets

    Allied Pumps offers a wide range of hose reel and jacking pumps for pressure boosting and/or to maintain a pressurised pipeline for a sprinkler system.


    • Sprinkler system jacking pumps
    • Hose reel pressure systems


    • Vertical Multistage pump ensures superior hydraulic
    • performance and durability
    • Plug and play
    • Compact design for easy installation

    Complete Package:

    Incorporating the CORDE vertical multistage centrifugal pump unit in cast iron/stainless steel construction, mounted and plumbed on a common pressed steel skid base with valves and stainless steel or copper pipe stubs to provide a single suction and a single discharge point for on-site connection by others.

    The systems are activated by a pressure switch and incorporate a hydro-pneumatic pressure draw-off tank on the skid.

    The fixed speed pump and the pressure switch are pre-wired to a Pyrokos® Single Pump Fire Jacking Pump Controller mounted on the unit which houses the starting and alarm equipment to automatically control the system.


    The system is built to all relevant Australian Standards and tested to AS 2417 prior to dispatch.

    Jacking Pump - Fire Hose Reel Pump