Selwood Pumps 

Selwood Pumps

Allied Pumps is an authorised distributor of the market-leading Selwood Pumps. We carry the complete range of the renowned British brand and have a stock of pumps and parts held in our flagship warehouse in Canning Vale.

Allied Pumps also provides technical support including maintenance, servicing and in-house pump repairs for your after sales requirements. With Allied Pumps, you enjoy the quality and performance of Selwood Pumps, plus the excellent local support of our professional team.

Selwood Pumps are a pump manufacturer based in the UK who have been manufacturing high quality auto prime pumps for over 70 years.

Selwood pumps are renowned for their user-friendly, low maintenance and trouble-free system providing reliable pumping in the Mining, Quarry, Civil Construction, Pipeline and Sewer Bypass sectors. Across the globe, Selwood is known for setting the benchmark in the environmental, mining, water and construction industries. Selwood’s pumps are also known for being performance-engineered, cost-efficient and super silent for noise sensitive applications.


  • Reliable. Selwoods’ range of ‘Dry-prime’ pumps have been specifically engineered to be reliable and simple to maintain in the harshest of environments.
  • Heavy duty
  • Low maintenance
  • Noise cancelling for sensitive operations
  • Locally stocked. Our warehouses are well stocked with a large inventory of parts and accessories, ready for direct delivery to your site, should the need arise.


  • Dewatering
  • Mine site flood water control
  • Quarry
  • Construction sites
  • Turkey nests
  • Truck fill stations
  • Municipal


  • Selwood Solids Handling 'S' Pumps

    Selwoods’ proven design is perfect for demanding waste and wastewater industries. The vortex-flow design, Selprime automatic self-priming, emission compliant engines and ease of operation means trouble-free pumping.

    Industries that find our Solids Handling Pumps invaluable include water & waste water, construction and civil engineering, oil and gas, pollution control and industrial settings.

    The S100, S150 and S200 are our signature Seltorque vortex flow pumps. Choose the S150M for a medium head pump with stainless steel internals and a semi-open two blade impeller, or the S300 for a medium head mixed flow two blade impeller.

    Value-engineered S150 and S200 options are also available for lesser regulated countries.


    • Raw and screened sewage
    • Pipeline testing and cleaning
    • Sludge or slurry
    • Bentonite
    • Water with fine and large solids
    • Water containing rags and fibres 
  • Selwood High Volume Drainer 'D' Pumps

    Handling flows of up to 600m3/h, these highly efficient Selprime pumps offer emission compliant engines, are easy to operate and maintain and have a robust construction.

    Industries that favour our Drainer range include construction and civil engineering, water and wastewater, quarry and mining, municipal, emergency flood response and industrial.

    The standard range of high-volume drainers includes the D75, D80, D100, D150 and D200. Choose the D150WP for wellpoint dewatering or the D150R for rapid-response emergency use.

    Value-engineered D150 option is also available for lesser regulated countries.


    • Water – clean, with fine or larger solids
    • Screened sewage
  • Selwood High Head 'H' Pumps

    High head pumps designed for mines and quarries, Selwood ‘H Pumps’ offer maximum performance and efficiency for high head, high pressure dewatering.
    These efficient models offer total heads up to 158m, mechanical shaft sealing, Selprime automatic self-priming and emission compliant engines. Ideal for high head and high pressure applications, they’re simple to operate and maintain.

    The High Head range operates best in quarry and mining, construction and civil engineering, ground stabilisation and piling, oil and gas and industrial settings.

    The H80, H100, H150 and H200 are standard Selwood manufactured models with cast iron construction. Choose the H100, H150 and H200 if you need a higher abrasion resistance – these are available with ADI impellers and wear plates for resistance up to 380 BHN.

    The H100HM, H150HM and H200HM are hard metal models for the most abrasive jobs.


    • High head dewatering
    • Pipeline testing and cleaning
    • Water boosting
    • High volume jetting
    • Temporary fire pumps
  • Selwood Hydraulic Submersible 'HS' Pumps

    Our ‘HS Pumps’ are designed for working at greater depths and include a choice of solids, drainer, high head or chopper pumps driven by 10, 20, 35 or 110 HP power-packs.

    Options include multiple hydraulic circuits, up to 100m hydraulic hoses, 24hr running and emission compliant engines.

    Customers include those in the following industries: construction and civil engineering, water and wastewater, ground stabilisation and piling, municipal, industrial, oil spill recovery and pollution control.
    50mm pumps are available in aluminium and cast iron construction. 100/150/200mm pumps are all supplied in cast iron for greater durability. Screw pumps feature ADI hard iron internals for superior abrasion resistance.

    This range also includes the Seldredge – an innovative, Selwood-engineered hydraulic pump with agitators. It offers the perfect solution for lagoon clearance plus agricultural and environmental clean ups.


    • Clean water
    • Water with fine or large solids
    • Water with rags and fibres
    • Raw and screened sewage
    • Sludge or slurry 
  • Selwood Chopper 'C' Pumps

    The Selwood Chooper ‘C Pumps’ offer a non-blocking cutting action for demanding applications.

    The hardened chopping impeller can make 3,000 cuts per minute using efficient motors and robust, reliable pumps. The Selprime automatic self-priming system offers environmental benefits and the whole range is easy to operate and maintain.

    Industries using Selwood’s Chopper pumps include water & wastewater, industrial and food process.

    An original Selwood product, our designs can come with a variety of motor sizes. Electric motors allow for permanent or temporary installation, with priming and non-priming. Diesel self priming pumps for temporary applications are also available.


    • Liquid conditioning
    • Sludge
    • Sewage
    • Organic material
    • Rags & fibres