Tsurumi GSZ & GSD Series 

Tsurumi GSZ & GSD Series

Tsurumi GSZ & GSD series use powerful 4 & 6 pole motors to large volumes with high heads. Chromium iron wearing parts, coupled with the slow speed motor, will ensure extremely long wear life. A water jacket for forced cooling of the motor permits the pumps to operate at low water levels for extended periods of time.

  • Discharge bore 200mm
  • Side discharge
  • Semi open type impeller
  • Three phase
  • 6 pole motors, 22 – 37kW

Applications - 4 Pole:

  • General dewatering
  • Drainage on construction sites
  • Draining wells
  • Draining basements or pits
  • Stormwater dewatering

Applications - 6 pole:

  • Draining sand laden water
  • Draining slurry in cement plants, quarries or mines
  • Pumping sediments in wastewater treatment plant
  • Pumping scale at steel works