Trade Waste Lint Filter Systems 

Trade Waste Lint Filter Systems

A common challenge faced by Commercial and Industrial businesses is the uncontrolled discharge of lint and fibre in domestic sewers. Unchecked companies risk authority non-compliance and expensive repairs to sewer lines, pump stations and treatment plants due to their failure in maintaining the quality wastewater standards.

Allied Pumps Trade Waste Lint Filter Systems are offered in a complete package configuration, including pit, cover, internals, pipe connection and accessories to simplify installation and climate potential for site assembly error.

The Trade Waste Lint Filter System is designed to help improve the quality of the effluent containing the A300 Bio-Filter which has proven to separate the solids as well as reducing BOD in wastewater before being discharged.

The A300 filter removes up to 90% of the solids from the effluent. All solids greater than 0.79mm are removed. Each A300 filter can handle flows of up to 10,000 litres per day. Multiple filters may also be installed in manifolds to achieve larger flow.