Submersible Pumping Stations  

Submersible Pumping Stations

Allied Pumps wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial Submersible Pumping Stations (submersible pumps) have been engineered to cover applications from low usage requirements to multi-dwelling residential, commercial and industrial developments.

Domestic and light industrial waste water transfer submersible pump stations combines a Polyethylene sump designed for low usage applications with a range of compact heavy duty submersible pumps. Applications include raw sewage (sewerage), effluent, storm water, subsoil drainage and industrial waste.

Industrial and commercial waste water transfer submersible pump stations are available in precast concrete and packaged fibreglass and have been developed for common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

A complete range of effluent and sewer pumps and specialised control panels are available to suit almost any requirement from effluent and sewage (sewerage) through to storm water and trade waste is available from Allied Pumps including:

  • Compact Submersible Packaged Pump Station
  • Fibreglass Packaged Pump Station
  • Package Municipal Pump Station
  • Package Undersink Sullage System
  • Polyethyelene Packaged Pump Station
  • Precast Concrete Packaged Pump Station

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  • Compact Submersible Packaged Pump Station

    The Allied Pump's Submersible Packaged Pump Station combines a heavy duty pit with a range of compact automatic sump pumps to provide prefabricated pumping stations for many uses.

    Pump stations are constructed from a resilient, light-weight material with excellent chemical resistance and are extremely strong. Holes can easily be cut for vent, inlet and conduit penetrations on site.

    Applications include domestic sewage (sewerage), septic effluent, sub-soil drainage, stormwater, condensate drainage and industrial waste. A complete range of automatic sump pumps are available with flexible hose, disconnection coupling, check valve and isolating valve, all internally pre-plumbed for easy, on-site installation.


    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength


    • A Class B Cast Iron Cover
    • Automatic sump pump with flexible hose, check valve and isolating valve
    • A Kwikalarm K124 high level alarm to alert users of pump fault, via a visual and audible alarm
  • Fibreglass Packaged Pump Station

    Allied Pumps' Package Fibreglass Pump Stations have been specifically designed to cater for applications where corrosion and chemical resistance is required along with the need for a light weight yet robust pit. The high-class engineered Fibreglass pump stations have also proved to be a cost effective option for larger pumps or greater effective storage. Stations are fully engineered to handle ground pressures without external support and are ideal for applications where limited cranage access is available.

    Fibreglass stations are well suited for a wide range of uses due to the versatility of design ranging from domestic use to commercial, industrial and mining applications.

    Fibreglass Submersible Pump Station


    • Lightweight
    • Strong
    • Trafficable
    • Internal valve chamber
    • Large range of sizes
    • Up to 3000 mm diameter
    • Chemical resistant


    • Safety grate - making maintenance safer and easier
    • Auto well washers - auto station cleaning
    • Vent filters - reduce nuisance odour
    • Ballcheck valves - reduce blockage potential
    • Flow metering - monitor station usage
    • Ladders - improved access
    • Flow monitor - assess pump efficiency
    • Lifting arm socket - simplify maintenance procedure
    • Internal coatings - for aggressive media
    • Permanent ventilation system - eliminate dangerous gases 
  • High Level Alarm Panels

    The range of High Level Alarm Panels have been developed to meet the need to provide a level alarm warning in septic tanks, water storage tanks, sump pumps and dump pits.

    They are designed for easy installation and incorporate low voltage float switches and a cable & plug for connection to a standard power outlet.

  • Kwikstart Logikos M7 Controller

    Engineered to withstand the harsh and diverse environments of pump station controllers, the LOGIKOS M7 is purpose designed as a dedicated pump management system.

    Combining many years of experience in the submersible pump station and control industry, the LOGIKOS M7 incorporates a unique combination of features insuring total reliability, pump protection and control management.

    The LOGIKOS M7 is ideally suited for dual pump installations in a wide range of applications including sewage, effluent, storm water and potable water transfer.

    LOGIKOS M7 can be mounted on an internal door and built into a standard powder coated steel waterproof enclosure, custom made aluminium or stainless enclosures or full municipal pump control centres.

    Configurable for a wide range of level input signals including float probe, ultrasonic and pressure transducer, the LOGIKOS M7’S versatility covers a broad spectrum at commercial, industrial, municipal and domestic applications.

  • Muffin Monster® Grinders

    Muffin Monsters® are a market-leading range of municipal wastewater shredders and screening systems, incorporating a heavy duty, precision machined grinding system, suited for the most ardous of applications.

    Muffin Monster® sewage grinders are designed to protect pumps and other equipment by grinding down the toughest wastewater solids.

  • Package Municipal Pump Station

    Allied Pumps is pleased to offer a total package solution for municipal temporary and permanent pump station requirements.

    Dedicated 1800mm, 2250mm and 3200mm diameter Ø pre-cast concrete moulded pump pit offers a host of advantages to specifiers, installers and end users alike and is totally fitted out with Authority specification accessories including pipework, valves, ladders, guide rails, mounts, chains, valve chamber drain etc.

    Package incorporates a totally sealed large integral valve chamber allowing ample working space around valves and ladder. Valve chamber is accessed by a separate cast iron access cover incorporated in main pump station pre-cast lid.

    Standard package incorporates Authority approved Grundfos or Sulzer submersible pumps, however other options are available if required.

    The Allied Pumps’ Package Station is an excellent answer to the growing demand for a package pump solution to Municipal Authorities requirements. The package dramatically simplifies specifying and quoting procedures, alleviates any shared responsibility difficulties and significantly reduces installation time and effort.

    The package is extremely cost effective and has enjoyed a well-deserved good reception from the Water Corporation, engineers, civil contractors and maintenance personnel alike.

  • Package Undersink Sullage System

    Package Undersink Sullage System was developed to meet a continually growing need to handle sink and basin waste in circumstances where gravity discharge is not feasible.

    Prime examples include tea preparation areas, wash areas, kitchenettes and basements. Units can be selected to handle up to 50˚C from dishwashers and glass washing machines. Please advise your ALLIED PUMPS representative if this is required.

    Designed for quick and simple installations, the unit fits neatly into a single cupboard below a sink, and runs with virtually no noise. All in-tank plumbing is included with inlet, outlet and vent connections situated at one end. A high-level alarm float switch is fitted with an in-built buzzer to indicate blockage or failure.

  • Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station

    Providing a multitude of prefabricated pumping solutions, Allied Pumps' Polyethylene Packaged Pump Station consists of a heavy duty polyethylene pit and a wide range of pumps to facilitate applications including domestic and commercial sewage, septic effluent, stormwater and industrial waste.

    Polyethylene is a resilient light-weight material with excellent chemical resistance and is extremely strong. Holes can easily be cut for vent and conduit penetrations on site, and inlet connections are moulded in.

    A choice of lid options are available, including light service hinged aluminium lids and light or heavy service cast iron covers. A complete range of automatic and manual pumps are available to suit any application and they can be set up in twin or single pump configuration.

    The polyethylene pits can also be used as neutralization and buffer pits in trade waste treatment systems, holding tanks in tank farms and bunded areas, stormwater detention chambers, solids setting pits and in water and wastewater treatment systems.

  • Precast Concrete Packaged Pump Station

    The Allied Pumps' Precast Packaged Pump Stations have been developed for use in multi-dwelling residential installations, commercial and industrial developments and common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required. A complete range of pumps and standard control panels are available to suit almost any requirements from effluent and sewage to storm water and trade waste.

    Precast concrete pits are a unique, mould formed chamber with a smooth, hard, impervious finish, specially designed to give superior life by combining high strength (50 MPA) with Sulphate Resistant (SR) cement. Calcareous aggregate and internal coatings or linings are available as options. Pits can be supplied with internal valve chambers fully sealed against ingress of liquid or gas, an innovation which further reduces capital loss, space requirements and on-site labour.

  • Sulzer Submersible Pumps

    Sulzer offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of submersible pumps type ABS available on the market for use within Domestic & Commercial properties, light weight dewatering pumps for mining and construction and a heavy duty range of wastewater pumps suitable for handling high concentrations of rag and solids in both Municipal & Industrial wastewater applications.