Sewage & Grey Water Treatment 

Sewage & Grey Water Treatment

Greater community awareness of health and environmental issues in recent years has seen the need for waste and effluent treatment systems of increasing complexity and automation. State-of-the-art instrumentation and process controls are combined with the latest developments in treatment and disinfection technologies, both physical and chemical, to engineer cost effective and reliable solutions to water and waste water problems.

Allied Pumps have advanced and designed modular sewage and grey water treatment solutions from standardized components to meet customer specifications and ensure compliance with relevant World Health standards and local statutory requirements.


  • Aqua-Nova® Domestic Sewage Treatment

    The Aqua-Nova® has been designed for simple and efficient operation. This has made it the most popular and sought after two tank sewage system in the industry. The Aqua-Nova® provides aerated wastewater treatment through a multistage digestion process using naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes. The system is designed to use minimum power which means low cost operation and maximum savings.

    The Aqua-Nova® produces secondary quality effluent which is widely acceptable in all regions of Australia. Secondary treatment represents over 80 percent of installations across the country.

  • Enviropac™ Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant

    The Enviropac™ wastewater treatment system, ideal for decentralised sewage schemes, significantly reduces BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen to provide treated wastewater to better than Class ‘B’ standards. As the system is modular, it can be expanded to suit growing developments economically.

    Enviropac™ leads the way providing complete advanced treatment systems utilising fixed film media bio-modules to treat sewage and wastewater for cost-effective treatment and re-use purposes. The system can be adapted to virtually any water dispersal demand from 5000 litres per day up to 500 000 litres per day.

  • Apac™ Enhanced Output Quality Sewage Treatment Plant

    Utilising Cleartec’s biological treatment expertise with advanced submerged membrane technology, Apac™ combines the process elements of secondary, tertiary and advanced wastewater treatment in a single package.

    The membrane separation process eliminates the conventional sedimentation tank and allows high volumetric loading resulting in a much smaller footprint. Apac™ can produce high quality effluent with high BOD5 removal (about 98%), complete nitrification and partial denitrification. It also achieves almost complete TSS removal.

    Apac™ Membrane BioReactor (MBR) consists of an activated sludge process which substitutes microfiltration membrane modules for the clarifier. The membranes serve as microbial barriers that can capture most of the biomass for recirculation inside the bioreactor. The MBR allows the activated sludge process to be optimised for solid-liquid separation and substrate utilisation since bioflocculation is no longer an issue.