Clear Water Treatment Systems 

Clear Water Treatment Systems

Engineered to withstand the harshest of applications, Cleartec Clear Water Treatment Systems offer a turnkey approach to water filtration in mining applications.

We offer a range of mobile containerised modules that can be manufactured to suit your site specifications and come complete for easy transportation to and from site.

Allied Pumps’ Water Treatment Systems incorporate heavy duty components and state-of-the-art control equipment to ensure long term reliable supply and minimum maintenance in demanding processes.


  • Filtration and Sanitisation

    Allied Pumps offer a wide range of sanitisation and filtration water treatment systems for mine sites and mining camps. Our water treatment systems are designed to provide an economic solution to a recycled source of water available for a variety of intended uses.


    • Water Softeners 
    • Chlorination Systems 
    • Ultraviolet Water (UV) Treatment Systems
    • Water Desalination Systems
    • Rainwater Reuse Systems
    • Sedimentation Filtration (Bag Filters)