• Clear Water Treatment & Reuse Systems

    Allied Pumps advanced treatment and reuse systems utilise state-of-the-art components and come pre-assembled into a synchronized package, capable of on-going, reliable water supply solutions.

    Capable of treating and re-using water from a variety of sources, Allied Pumps’ treatment packages are engineered to provide cost effective solutions for reliable water supply.

    Treatment systems, incorporating pumps and associated control systems, are utilized in the following applications: 

    • Potable water supply 
    • Sanitisation 
    • Food processing 
    • Remote area facilities 
    • Communal kitchens and laundries 
    • Public facilities 
    • Wineries and tourist resorts

    Treatment principles include: 

    • Mechanical Separation 
    • Water Conditioning 
    • Reverse Osmosis 
    • Chemical Filtration 
    • Ultraviolet Treatment 
    • Sanitisation Dosing Systems

  • Fire Protection Systems

    The Allied Pumps range of Package Fire Protection Pumpsets were developed to cater for growing demand for specialised turnkey systems compliant with Australian standard AS2941:2013 for Fire Pumps.

    Fire Protection Pumpsets are available in diesel and electric drive configurations, assembled on a common fabricated base with pipework manifolds, valves, all relevant , controls and accessories to provide a fully automated system. Systems are engineered and fabricated in strict adherence to the relevant fire codes.

    Support services are provided from initial engineering assistance through to on-site commission and after sales service.


    Complete Package
    Systems can be supplied incorporating diesel engine, electric motor, anti-vibration, fuel tank, batteries, pressure relief valves, heat exchange cooling, etc. All interpiped and interwired on a common base.
    Full In-House Manufacturing Facilities
    Package fire pumpsets are fully fabricated in-house from base through to pipework and switchboards giving ultimate control on quality, economics and project time frame constraints
    Test Facility to AS2417 
    Allied Pumps works incorporate fully NATA certified test bay facilities with flow capabilities to 700 L/sec
    System Flexibility
    Allied Pumps has the capability to engineer a solution to the specific application. From a special to suit an existing plant room to a code compliant system drawing from a below ground tank, Allied Pumps pumpset package will meet the requirements


    • Single diesel duty fire pump
    • Single electric duty fire pump
    • Diesel/Electric duty and standby fire pumps
    • Dual diesel duty and standby fire pumps
    • Dual electric duty and standby fire pumps
    • Complete pipework manifolds or pumpset configuration only
    • Integral hose reel jacking pump


    In conjunction with Allied Pumps Package Fire Protection Pumpsets, Allied Pumps' Circular and Square / Rectangular Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for fire and other industrial applications.

    Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to Australian Fire Tank Standards, Allied Pumps Fire Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The possibility of square or circular configuration marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

    The Allied Pumps Fire Tanks are compliant with all Australian Standards including AS2419 for tanks and AS2304 for fire tanks.

  • Industrial Waste & Oily Water Treatment

    Allied Pumps offer a wide range of dependable treatment solutions to treat wastewater by-products in industrial and commercial industries.

    Allied Pumps’ Industrial Waste & Oily Water Treatment solutions combine leading edge treatment processes with proven mechanical and electrical systems to ensure compliance to regulating requests and offer its’ clients a broad scope of turnkey packages., these include:

    • Coalescing plate oily water separators
    • Mining series coalescing plate oily water separators
    • Polishing filters
    • Trade waste lint filter systems
    • Trade waste monitor systems
    • Muffin Monster Grinders
    • Grease Muncher - Model 800
  • Liquid Storage Solutions

    Allied Pumps extensive range of above and below ground liquid storage tanks have been specifically manufactured and tested for fire, urban, agricultural and industrial applications. Allied Pumps storage tanks offer a cost effective, high quality solution and can be engineered to suit your requirements.

    Covering a range of sizes from 10kL, Allied Pumps storage tanks are available in various size configurations and Australian standards compliant. A variety of associated components such as anti-vortex suction assemblies, tank fill valves, inlets, outlets, hatches, ladders and fittings are offered as appropriate to complete the package.

    All of our water storage tanks are independently Engineer Certified and manufactured to the Australian Standards listed below:

    • AS2304-2011 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems
    • AS1657-2013 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation
    • AS4100 Steel structures
    • AS4600 Cold form steel structure
    • AS1170.4 Earthquake loads
    • AS1170.2 Wind loads
    • AS/NZS4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water
    • AS2239 Galvanic (sacrificial) anodes for cathodic protection
    • AS2419.1 Raw hydrant (tanks)
    • AS1170.1 Live and dead loads
    • AS2118 Raw sprinkler systems

    Allied Pumps can supply:

    • Fire water storage tanks (Fire Tanks)
    • Galvanised water storage tanks
    • Liner tanks
    • Panel tanks
    • Steel water storage tanks
    • Water storage tanks (potable water, non-potable water, raw water)

    Allied Storage Tanks can store other liquids as required. 

  • Sewage & Grey Water Treatment

    Greater community awareness of health and environmental issues in recent years has seen the need for waste and effluent treatment systems of increasing complexity and automation. State-of-the-art instrumentation and process controls are combined with the latest developments in treatment and disinfection technologies, both physical and chemical, to engineer cost effective and reliable solutions to water and wastewater treatment.

    Allied Pumps have advanced and designed modular sewage and grey water treatment (wastewater treatment) solutions from standardized components to meet customer specifications and ensure compliance with relevant World Health standards and local statutory requirements.

  • Submersible Pumping Stations

    Allied Pumps wide range of domestic, industrial and commercial Submersible Pumping Stations have been engineered to cover applications from low usage requirements to multi-dwelling residential, commercial and industrial developments.

    Domestic and light industrial waste water transfer Pump Stations combines a Polyethylene sump designed for low usage applications with a range of compact heavy duty submersible pumps. Applications include raw sewage (sewerage), effluent, storm water, subsoil drainage and industrial waste.

    Industrial and commercial waste water transfer Pump Stations are available in precast concrete and packaged fibreglass and have been developed for common effluent schemes where twin pumps or larger storage volumes are required.

    A complete range of effluent and sewer pumps and specialised control panels are available to suit almost any requirement from effluent and sewage (sewerage) through to storm water and trade waste.

  • Water Supply & Pressure Systems

    A specialised range of Packaged Pressure Systems has been engineered to answer the growing demand for precision control and constant pressure to eliminate cycling, pressure fluctuations and cyclic fatigue.

    Here at Allied Pumps we offer two generic types of control – Fixed Speed Systems and Variable Speed Systems. Single or multiple pump units can be combined with pressure tanks, valves, gauges, pressure and flow monitoring equipment and many different filtration and treatment options – all mounted on a common frame with interconnecting pipework, manifolds, terminating in a single suction and discharge point for ease of connection.


    • Energy savings
    • Constant pressure
    • Reduces water hammer
    • Increases pump life


    • Town water supply
    • Processing industry
    • Multi-story buildings
    • Gold course reticulation
    • Subdivision water supply
    • Mechanical services
    • Remote camp water supply