• Package Bore Pump Systems

    Allied Pumps Bore Pump and Headworks Packages are ideal for dewatering and water supply applications in the mining, oil & gas and industrial industries.

    The Allied Pumps Bore Pump and Headworks Packages have been field tested and designed for a vast range of applications, including but not limited to; community water supply, pit dewatering, process plant water supply, and water supply for dust suppression operations.

    To offer our clients the best possible solution, Allied Pumps also manufacture a range of pump starter and control panels in-house, including telemetry and SCADA systems.

    Allied Pumps Bore Headworks Packages encompass our ‘package oriented’ design philosophy, meaning a time efficient and cost effective installation. As with all Allied Pumps packaged systems, our Bore pump and Headworks Packages are meticulously tested in a controlled and safe, ISO 9001:2008 certified factory environment, ensuring a fully integrated and operational system is delivered to site.

    The Allied Pumps Bore Headworks Packages can be manufactured in a range of materials, including polyethylene, stainless steel and galvanised mild steel.

  • Mobile Bore Pump Systems

    Allied Pumps Trailer Mounted Bore Head Works system facilitates the efficient and fast installation and removal of pumping infrastructure. Typically used in an input application where frequent blasting occurs, the mobile system features a unique plug and play design, minimizing site down time when removing the trailer from the pit area for blasting and installing the head work once blasting is completed.

  • Dewatering & Water Transfer Pumps

    Allied Pumps range of Dewatering and Water Transfer Pumps set the standard for open cut and underground mine dewatering and water transfer. Designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding mining applications, Dewatering & Water Transfer Pump systems are designed to deliver “best in class” efficiency, saving on energy costs.

    The heavy duty range of Dewatering & Water Transfer Pumps have been designed for applications such as mine dewatering, water transfer, water cart filling and flood water pumping.

    With our large product range, Allied Pumps is able to select the right pump for the right application to deliver the best efficiency possible.

  • Bore Pumps
    Allied Pumps offer a world-class range of Submersible Bore Pumps and water filled submersible motors that are ideal for many water supply and dewatering applications in the mining, oil & gas and industrial industries.
  • Clear Water Treatment Systems

    Engineered to withstand the harshest of applications, Cleartec Clear Water Treatment Systems offer a turnkey approach to filtration in mining applications.

    We offer a range of mobile containerised modules that can be manufactured to suit your site specifications and come complete for easy transportation to and from site.

    Allied Pumps’ Treatment Systems incorporate heavy duty components and state-of-the-art control equipment to ensure long term reliable supply and minimum maintenance in demanding processes.

  • Water Storage Tanks

    Allied Pumps’ Circular Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for raw and potable water in mining camps, truck wash facilities and other industrial applications. Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to applicable Australian Standards, Allied Pumps’ Liner Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The infinite possibility of circular configurations marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

  • Sewage & Grey Water Treatment

    Greater community awareness of health and environmental issues in recent years has seen the need for waste and effluent treatment systems of increasing complexity and automation. State-of-the-art instrumentation and process controls are combined with the latest developments in treatment and disinfection technologies, both physical and chemical, to engineer cost effective and reliable solutions to water and waste water problems.

    Allied Pumps have advanced and designed modular sewage and grey water treatment solutions from standardized components to meet customer specifications and ensure compliance with relevant World Health standards and local statutory requirements.

  • Pump Starter & Control Panels

    At Allied Pumps we are passionate about packaged pumping systems. We take our package to the next level with our range of in-house designed and manufactured switchboards and motor control centers.

    Our switchboard and motor control centers are designed and manufactured for a wide range of applications such as bore pump control panels, water transfer pump station switchboards, telemetry panels, to name just a few.

  • Bore Rising Main Systems

    Allied Pumps offer a range of PVC and rigid Rising Pipe systems for all your site water distribution needs.