Water Storage Tanks 

Water Storage Tanks

Allied Pumps’ Circular Galvanised Steel Panel Liner Tanks are specifically manufactured and tested for raw and potable water in mining camps, truck wash facilities and other industrial applications. Cost effective, high quality and manufactured to applicable Australian Standards, Allied Pumps’ Liner Tanks can be engineered to suit your requirements. The infinite possibility of circular configurations marks Allied Tanks as a versatile, complete tank solution.

Robust and manufactured from heavy gauge steel, our tanks are cost effective and can be engineered in a range of capacities from 10 kL and 2 ML and are available in a number of configurations. We have the capabilities to engineer solutions for unique challenges including installing and servicing even the most remotest of locations. Cyclone tested, available with insulation to cater for the hottest climates, Allied Tanks are built to last. 

All of our water storage tanks are independently Engineer Certified and manufactured to the Australian Standards listed below as required:

  •          AS2304-2011 Water storage tanks for fire protection systems

  •          AS1657-2013 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation

  •          AS4100 Steel structures

  •          AS4600 Cold form steel structure

  •          AS1170.4 Earthquake loads

  •          AS1170.2 Wind loads

  •          AS/NZS4020 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

  •          AS2239 Galvanic (sacrificial) anodes for cathodic protection

  •          AS2419.1 Raw hydrant (tanks)

  •          AS1170.1 Live and dead loads

  •          AS2118 Raw sprinkler systems

Our knowledgeable and qualified team will support you throughout the process with design, production, site installation and commissioning.